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Preparing the next generation of Special Forces Soldiers

Green Beret Chronicles, the brainchild of Retired Green Beret Jay Dorleus, emerged as a beacon of inspiration in May 2023, following his remarkable 20-year career in the US Army. Jay's mission with the Green Beret Chronicles YouTube channel was clear—to mentor and equip the future generation of Special Forces Soldiers with the tools they need to excel in their formidable journey toward earning the coveted green beret and their place in the Special Forces regiment. We were honored to collaborate with Jay on this significant endeavor, addressing both strategic and digital aspects of his vision.

Jay’s authenticity shines through in his genuine commitment to delivering high-quality content, training and products to his loyal audience.

Our collaboration with Jay involved two key aspects. First, we crafted a comprehensive brand strategy to unify his online presence, emphasizing the vital role of a consistent brand identity. This strategy came to life in the form of a website tailored to resonate with Jay's audience, effectively conveying the core values and mission of the Green Beret Chronicles. Additionally, we implemented a robust e-commerce solution, enabling Jay to meet the increasing demand for GBC branded merchandise and further solidifying his bond with his dedicated audience. Together, we successfully launched a digital platform that not only reflects Jay's unwavering dedication but also bolsters the mission of the Green Beret Chronicles.

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End State

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6 pages
Number of web pages designed & developed with 2 databases for e-comm
3.5 weeks
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1 min 10 sec
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The results of our collaboration with the Green Beret Chronicles has been nothing short of transformational. Today, the Green Beret Chronicles boasts a brand image that sets them apart as a distinctive force among military coaching companies in their vertical. Beyond the compelling content and values championed by Jay on the Green Beret Chronicles YouTube channel, the brand now commands attention through its compelling visual aesthetics across all digital platforms. This newfound identity reinforces their commitment to excellence and resonates deeply with their target audience, instilling a sense of trust and credibility.

Through its inspiring content and messages, the brand encourages customers to embark on their SOF journey with confidence, motivating them to achieve their personal goals.

Our dedicated efforts in website design have borne fruit, delivering a platform that seamlessly connects with the Green Beret Chronicles audience, evoking the spirit of the Green Berets. Crucially, we crafted a dedicated webpage to showcase Jay's impactful work in mentoring aspiring Green Beret candidates through SOF coaching. This page serves as a comprehensive resource, explaining the intricacies of coaching calls, providing guidance on preparation, setting expectations, and integrating a third-party software solution for scheduling coaching calls. Remarkably, this page has emerged as the second most-visited on the website, reaffirming its pivotal role in educating and engaging GBC's audience. With a refreshed brand image and a website that resonates deeply with their mission, the Green Beret Chronicles is well-positioned for continued success in their vital mission of mentoring the next generation of Special Forces Soldiers.

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